Area Mapping

TheEGIP Foundation collaboratedwith PCEEM(People Collaborating for Environmental and Economic Management) to map out the ICC Carmen AD part and identify particularly Forest and Agricultural Areas.
On May 24-26, 2011 landmarks and boundaries were mapped and subsequently 4 maps were produced i.e. the base-map, land-use map and the forest-protection and agricultural lands maps. These maps have been the basis for the ICC Carmen to prioritize their planned activities in line with the Project’s objectives.


Biodiversity Field Survey

Commissioned by Euro Generics International Philippines Inc. (EGIP), the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) with indigenous co-researchers did a participatory resource assessment (PRA) from June 14 to 27, 2011. The PRA included a profiling of the birds and arboreal andlarge mammals of the ancestral domain (AD) of the Obu-Manuvu tribe at Barangay Carmen,Baguio District, Davao City.


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Farm to Market Access Trail

A concrete foot trail of approximately 2500m long, 1m wide and 10cm thick was funded both by Schmitz-Stiftungen Foundation and EGIP Foundation. The construction of the trail was started last August 2017. More or less 55 farmers are the beneficiary of the project. This will reduce the transportation cost of the farm produce as well as will facilitates eco-tourism in the future.




Forest Protection and Management Planning

As earlier mentioned the Forest Protection and Management (FPM) Project of the EGIP Foundation is being implemented with the Obu-Manuvu ICC residing in Macatabo (Purok 1) in Barangay Carmen, Baguio District, Davao City in their portion of AD, CADT No. R11-DAV-1108-091. This ancestral domain area includes a large parcel of “unprotected” mid- and high-elevation forests, which represent one of the few remaining watersheds of Davao City.