Obu-Manuvu Macatabo Christmas Party 2016

Christmas is a season of love and giving so the EGIP Foundation in cooperation with MindanaWON celebrated Obu-Manuvu’s Christmas Party last December 18,2016.

IMG_4466Because it’s Sunday, plenty of them were able to attend the celebration.

Food were prepared through the Bayanihan of the tribe. Everyone helped in the preparation starting from cooking the food until arranging the venue.

Kids and kids at heart enjoyed playing fun games during the event. Couples had funny moments playing paper dance. IMG_3326

Talents were showcased such as singing, guitar-playing, dancing and even acting. They were four groups who participated in the talent show. A winner was declared bu everyone had a consolation price.

Then, they started exchanging gifts. How priceless their smiles are! Unwrapping and opening the presents received brought excitement to everyone.

A party won’t be complete without a feast. Salu-salo was prepared and everyone’s stomach was filled with delicious viands and fresh fruits.

The program endedIMG_3304 with a speech from the tribes’ very own leader, Datu Landim. He thanked everyone and highlighted the importance of Christmas – to spread love and care.

The celebration was indeed both meaningful and fun!