House Rehabilitation Project


Obu-manuvu community in Sitio Macatabo, Barangay Carmen, Baguio District, Davao City has around thirty (30)houses with five (5) of them totally burned last October 24, 2017.

Barangay Carmen listed 5 families or 31 individuals as victims of the fire.

Victims immediately evacuated to Barangay hall as temporary shelter where they received free meals and clothes donated by other partnered NGOs.

20171122_110242The next day, they returned to community. Some victims sought temporary shelter inside the community church, while others set-up tents inside the learning center which was damaged also by the fire.

20171215_143326Three weeks after the incident, EGIP Foundation allocated funds to rehabilitate the burnt houses of the IP victims.

Construction materials were supplied last November 13, 2017.

Some victims started to re-construct their burnt houses and followed the design provided by the EGIPF staff (based on the budget).  While others, who are still waiting for the funds from their relatives, chose to use the materials given by the EGIPF as additional to their own design house.

     20171215_143359        20171215_143343     20171215_143442