Project Validation and Site Visits

20180723_130904In connection with several meetings and presentation of the proposed community-based tourism project for Obu-Manuvu community in Barangay Carmen, Baguio District, Davao City, project site visits with partner agencies were conducted to have them an up-close view of the entire structures and activities of the project and to give suggestions on how to improve the site while the construction of the structures is still on progress. In addition, site visit for the validation of the Farm to Market Access Trail Project was also conducted.

Last Ju20180629_132956ne 29, 2018, Mr. Max Guenter of GIZ and NCIP visited the site with EGIP Foundation Incorporators Mr. Alec van Dierendonck, Mrs. Bing van Dierendonck and Mr. Wiebe van Dierendonck. Mr. Guenter is also a representative of the Schmitz Foundation, the funding partner of EGIP Foundation for Farm to Market Access Trail Project of the Obu-Manuvu community. Mainly, the objective of the visit is to actual site view and present to Mr. Guenter the output and outcomes of the project. In addittion, to introduce him the proposed Eco-cultural tourism initiative of the Obu-Manuvu by which would be a part of the proposal of EGIPF to seek funding support from Sch4mitz Foundation.

On the other hand, the Obu-Manuvu community welcomed their visitors from BLGU-Carmen headed by Hon. Alfredo Austral Sr. and his council, 3rd Infantry Battalion of Malagos District and Baguio District Police in their propose tribal village at the peak of Karilongan area last July 6, 2018. At the peak, a short program was prepared. Mr. Alec van Dierendonck, President and Mr. Wiebe van Rij, Vice President of EGIP foundation, gave a short message to briefly introduce the EGIP Foundation and its activities/project to Obu-Manuvu community. Also, in behalf of the Obu-Ma20180629_144141nuvu community, Bae Nilda Landim expresses her thoughts on the relevance of the project as well as appreciations for the active participations of the visitors. Furthermore, the community welcomed their visitors with their traditional welcome dance while giving traditional beads. Finally, the short program ended with a small feast out of traditional and local foods prepared by the tribe.

Another visit for the proposed community based tourism project was done last July 20-21, 2018 with the Sunrise Bridge Travel Agency owned by Mr. and Ms. Quiogue. Sunrise Bridge Travel Agency is the partner travel and tour age20180629_131155ncy of the Obu-Manuvu community. The couple experienced an overnight stay in the tribal village where native foods and drinks were served. They also experienced the birdwatching and forest walk activity early in the morning (two of the highlight activities of the Obu-Manuvu Eco-Cultural Adventure), witnessed the sunrise view in Bollad ‘To Manama and visited the farms of the tribe. Photo shooting were also done to be used in marketing and promoting tours. Moreover, last July 23, 2018, the Department of Tourism XI headed by RED Antonio Blanco also visited the site.

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