Deputation Training of Bantay Gubat of Brgy. Carmen, Baguio District, Davao City

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 Participants from BLGU-Carmen and Obu-manuvu Forest Guards, together with the EGIP foundation staffs and DENR XI representatives, flaunt their certificates after completing the 2-days Deputation Training

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources under the Biodiversity Management Bureau is the lead agency for the conservation, development and protection of wildlife resources. The Deputation of Environment and Natural Resources Officer (DENRO) is mandated under the provision particularly Section 30 of RA 9147, otherwise known as the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (Joint DENR-DA PCSD AO No. 01, 2004).

- Sir Brine Dumdum of    DENR XI shares some    surveillance techniques to forest guards.

Sir Brine Dumdum ofDENR XI shares some surveillance techniques to forest guards.

Deputation Training is a requirement pursuant to Section 30, Rule 30.1 to be provided to selected volunteers to provide them with the basic and required knowledge and skills and subsequently the necessary authority to accomplish the task on basic and wildlife enforcement activities. It would also ensure public participation on the enforcement of existing wildlife and other related laws. The training will also clarify the different roles and responsibilities of the team on the enforcement of wildlife and environment laws.

The objective of the program was to train the selected Bantay Gubat on the basic knowledge of wildlife laws, rules and regulation, CITES provision among others, to train and orient them with the basic training in the preparations of reports, affidavits sworn statement, seizure and turn over receipt, inventory report, filing of complaint in court, inspection procedure, safety, surveillance, smuggling techniques, methods of concealments, documentation of frauds and detection of falsified or invalid documents and prosecution on wildlife cases and to train and award them the official status as Deputized Environment and Natural Resources Officer (DENRO).

- Datu Lipatuan Joel Unad inspires his co-tribe the relevance of the program

Datu Lipatuan Joel Unad inspires his co-tribe the relevance of the program

The 2-days training last January 25-26, 2018 was attended by 43 Obu-Manuvu forest guards (bantay gubat) of Carmen led by their tribal chieftain, Datu Paulino Landim, 7 representatives from BLGU-Carmen – Brgy. Sec. Jean Delina, Mr. Joel Corrales, Mr. Nilo Empinado, Mr. Renato Rabe, Mr. Bonifacio Ruba, Mr. Richard Auxillo and Mrs. Jenilyn Verallo and facilitated by EGIP Foundation staffs: Mr. Joshua L. Donato and Ms. Kristine Nova P. Macado through DENR XI team:  Mr. Demosthenes H. Amaga, OIC Chief, Surveillance & Intelligence Section, Mrs. Josefina B. Limbaga, Mrs. Emma P. Pechon, Ms. Conteza P. Arao-Arao, Mr. Norhamen S. Abdulkadir and Mr. Brine Dumdum.

Datu Lipatuan Joel Unad, member of Obu-Manuvu Tribal Elders and Leaders was also present during the opening ceremony of the program. He gave a short message expressing his gratitude to different parties facilitating the said activity and left an inspirational message to his co-tribe about the relevance of the program.

-  Bantay bukid demonstrate how to arrest an illegal loggers

Forest guards demonstrate how to arrest an illegal loggers

A range of teaching methodologies were employed throughout the program in order to meet its objectives. These includes presentation to explain information and ideas to deepen the understanding of the participants on Law on Forestry (PD 705), Chainsaw Act of 2002 (R.A 9175), Wildlife Resource Conservation and Protection Act ( R.A 9147), Executive No. 23, Permits and Transport Documents Familiarization, Basic Skills on Measurement and Scaling, Basic Intelligence and Surveillance technique and Procedure on Administrative Adjudication.

-  representatives from BLGU-Carmen take the post test exam for DENRO

Representatives from BLGU-Carmen take the post test exam for DENRO

Interactive discussion was done to obtain participants’ views and opinions. Group works for demonstrations and role playing on how to arrest properly the illegal activities, given different cases, were also exercised during the program. The session was highly interactive and participatory to enhance learning and strengthen partnership.

At the end of the program, a post test was given to participants not only to measure the program’s value and effectiveness, but also to determine passers to officially state as Deputy Environment and Natural Resources Officer (DENRO).

Pusaka General Meeting

Date : January 19, 2018

Location: Brgy. Tambobong , Baguio District, Davao City


  • Lipatuan Joel Unad – representative of Obu-Manuvu Council of Elders
  • Cris Arcebal  –  CENRO and Davao City Hall representative
  • Davao City Water District representative
  • Eliazar Onse – NCIP Calinan representative
  • Baguio District Police Officers
  • Philippine Eagle Foundation staffs
  • Apo Agua Infrastractura Inc. representatives
  • Aedes foundation
  • Members from Barangay Tambobong
  • Chieftains from each community within Baguio District
  • EGIP Foundation staffs: Joshua L. Donato & Kristine Nova P. Macado

Obu-Manuvu Council of Elders representative, Lipatuan Joel Unad, initiated the said meeting mainly with a purpose of giving awareness to partnered government agency, Non-government organization and local units most especially to communities about the importance of their Ancestral Domain and on how to protect and conserve their precious forest.

Representative from each party introduced his/her organization works and objectives, as well as project updates related to the conservation of the Obu-Manuvu AD.

Question and answer session was followed. It focused mainly on the rules and regulations within the Obu-Manuvu AD. Answers and clarifications were provided by the NCIP and CENRO representatives.


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