Community Literacy and ALS Program Recognition Day

EGIP Foundation celebrated the hard work of the students and teachers who are involved in Mindanawon Literacy Pogram held at Community Learning Center, Sitio Macatabo, Barangay Carmen, Baguio District,Davao City.

Mindanawon is the implementing partner of Rotary Club of Davao and EGIP Foundation for its Literacy Program in the area. The program, which includes the Alternatve Learning System (ALS), Functional Literacy and Community Literacy, is aimed to teach indigenous children, youth and adults basic communication skills using English language and the practical applications of mathematical operations.


– Mindanawon team giving away certificates and tokens to the graduates



Last September 8, 2017, all determined and diligent students were given a proper recognition to commemorate their hard works. Ms.Perpevina C. Tio (Mindanawon Director), Mr. Joselito Cosep Jr. (Mindanawo Officer) and Jerry May Marteja (Mindanawon Officer), Mr. Medese Canete (ALS Officer In-charge) and Kristine Macado (EGIPF Officer) were present during recognition.


Recognition day was not just plainly for the awarding and giving certificates to deserving students, but also a perfect day for the Obu-manuvu graduates to say “thank you” and give honor to their mentors who tirelessly gave their time and effort for the progression of the student’s academic performance.Some students gave an appreciative message while others showcased their talents such as singing and dancing to express their gratitude to their mentors.