Preparation for the Fifth Year – Forest Protection Project

Last July 17, 2017, community gathering for the preparation of Fifth Year- Forest Protection Project was held at Purok 1, Sitio Macatabo, Barangay Carmen, Baguio District, Davao City. The meeting was mainly participated by the Obu-manuvu forest guards and their families in the community headed by Datu Paulino Landim and Bae Nilda Landim and the project implementers from EGIP Foundation – Kristine Nova P. Macado and Mary Grace Laput and Philippine Eagle Foundation – Joshua Donato and Novem Gerona Pagal.

Sir Joshua Donato presented the two main topics of the meeting. The following were discussed thoroughly to the community:

1. Thirty (30) forest guards will be supported by EGIP Foundation and PEF for the Re-Launch of Forest Patrolling and Monitoring under the Fifth year- Forest Protection Project this coming August 2017.

PEF and EGIPF agreed to support 30 forest guards to be trained and deputized this coming August 22-23, 2017. All expenses of forest guards which includes uniforms, equipments, insurances, and food for environmental services will be supplied equally by both sides. Meeting1

2. Selection of 28 forest guards to be endorsed at Davao City Hall for their project. Davao City will subsidies forest guards – P4000/month. Prior to the endorsement is the compliance of their requirements (clearances from barangay, police, court and NBI, cedula, certificate of seminar, birth certificate, Photocopy of ID)

Questions raised were focused on the Fifth year- Forest Protection Project i.e., why only 30 forest guards and who will make the selection. Sir Joshua Donato explained that their funder has limited budget only to support 15 forest guards and as a counterpart, EGIP foundation will support 15 forest guards too, a total of 30. Selection of forest guards (for EGIPF-PEF and Davao City Hall) will be made by the community and final names will be presented next meeting.

Regarding thMeeting3e Project of Davao City Hall, forest guards would like to request financial support from EGIP Foundation for the compliance of the requirements.
Overall, the meeting ended with an excitement to resume the project particularly the Obu-Manuvus who always expressed enthusiasm in protecting their number one treasure – the Ancestral Domain.