A day worth celebrating

The Obu-Manuvu Tribe celebrated its “Araw ng Obu-Manuvu” last October 29, 2016. Visitors from the Rotary Club Davao, Baguio District Police Station, Mindanao International Student Association and EGIP Foundation attended the celebration. The program was started by a prayer led by Datu Landim, the tribal leader of Obu-Manuvu in the area. Followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem using their native language.

It was a fun-filled celebration where the tribe showcased their traditional dances while wearing their colorful and symbolic tribal attire. Kids about aged 3 to 10 brought smiles to the faces of everyone when they started to tap their feet with every beat showing their dancing potential. It showed how these children were raised in an environment where tradition was preserved. They are also smiling and all in character until the music was put to halt.

A courting dance was also performed showing how¬†traditional men fight to win a woman’s heart. First, the woman danced gracefully showing-off its beauty while the men were watching. Then, the men started to dance around her and brought spears and shield,

109signalling the start of a fight. The woman left the scene when the men started fighting. Then in an instance, one of the men fell to the ground and the other was declared the victor.

Everyone enjoyed the program for it was rich in culture and tradition. Guests were also able to interact when they were asked to dance together with the tribe members. Lastly, the program ended with a lunch feast for everyone to enjoy. Indeed, it is a day worth celebrating!