Barangay Settlement on Illegal Cutting

Last June 8, 2012 the staff of EGIP Foundation and its founder accompanied by a guest, observed and monitored the Barangay Settlement on recent illegal cutting of trees within the ancestral domain. The said meeting took place in the Carmen, Purok 1 Barangay Hall and was presided by Barangay Captain Awstral. Datu Lamdin and wife Bae Nilda together with some companions represented the IPs, meanwhile identified perpetrators  who happen to be among the Non-IP old migrant settlers in the ancestral domain – Mr. Peñarubia, Mr. Parilla & other companions represented the Non-IP settlers. The assembly was also attended by the involved agencies CENRO and NCIP represented by Madam Elsie Mitchao and Provincial Director Cris Ingay respectively.

From this meeting it has been resolved that the LGU headed by Brgy captain Awstral together with NCIP representatives, Old Settlers who are IP and Non-IP representatives,  with some military personnel, will survey the area and determine the actual areas being farmed and occupied by the old migrant settlers. They would have to determine which are the actual areas assigned for UDP project and the actual occupation of the settlers so that there would be no more incidence of expansion. Furthermore, the representatives from the Non-IP old migrant settlers have agreed that they will only plant in/develop the open areas and will not anymore expand. They will  also surrender a list of other settlers in the area who violated the rule on not planting in forest areas so that they will be addressed as well.

MOU Presentation to CENRO

April 30, 2012 – the EGIP Foundation organized a meeting in its office to present the new draft of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the second phase of the project which will be undertaken this year 2012. Among the attendees were Mailyn Reazonda from Philippine Eagle Foundation, Peter Alvarao, Meriam Colon & the Dir. Of PCEEM Madam Corazon Baylon, NCIP Provincial Director Cris Ingay, NCIP legal Counsel Atty. John Dave Vergara and Ms. Eve Mallari and Ms. Helen Cabreros as CENRO representatives. EGIP Foundation Consultant Wiebe van Rij, officiated the meeting.

Both Mr. van Rij and Mr. Ingay presented parts of the MOU and an open discussion followed thereafter. At the conclusion of the meeting, all attendees have agreed to the components of the new MOU. The said copies are to be forwarded to the head of NCIP & CENRO.

On the other hand, it has also been disclosed during this meeting that a certain illegal cutting of trees has been identified to the planned scope of area of protection. The concerned agencies for this matter – CENRO & NCIP both informed that they will look into this matter and ensure that proper action be performed. PCEEM, the NGO associate of EGIP Foundation will be monitoring the incident.

MOU Presentation MOU Presentation MOU Presentation MOU Presentation